Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours. Illusions, by Richard Bach

You have achieved a lot, are successful and, yet something is missing?

I will support you in closing this essential gap!

Try a mindgame: what if … Reincarnation and Karma really existed?

What would become possible?

What if what you call your character is simply a collection of hypnotic suggestions that guide your behaviour?

What influence would that have on their decisions?
In the private sphere? In business?
What goals would you pursue?
What would you change?

I coach you efficiently, cheekily, and unproblematically.

Both are possible: short interventions with a lasting effect and longer-lasting accompaniment for decisive changes and in challenging situations….You will get excellent coaching, fast, efficient, and elegant.

I am a very experienced and highly motivated coach. I work best with people who also acknowledge their right brain……. who are also open to unconventional thinking and interventions. People who don’t shy away from spiritual aspects and are interested to live a fully self-responsible life.

Coaching is possible on the phone, Skype, Zoom, or also in person. Locally and internationally.
My favourite „setting“ is in a good place, with a cup of coffee or tea, with mineral water, or on a Coaching walk.
It is also possible in my practice in Basel, at the airport, or in your company.

Brave? Want to know more? Implement?
Call me!


„Just wanted to thank you again for our last session! It was great! And I feel much better… more energy and power… I cannot say how much I thank you!!!!!“ —> More references or a booking

Whom do I coach?